A sustainable mission


At NB Studio, we are committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness. We firmly believe that plastic is harmful to the environment and therefore, we make every effort to minimize its use in our designs. We prioritize natural fibers like wool, cashmere, cotton, and silk, which we believe are the most balanced and respectful materials for both the environment and human skin.

Fabric policy.

To minimize waste, we order only the necessary amount of fabric. We also optimize our use of fabric in our designs to leave as little as possible of fabric scraps behind. We sew only when it is ordered from us to prevent accumulating a large stock that could be thrown away in case there is no demand for it. We source our fabrics only from trustworthy suppliers who respect environmental regulations. We also source leftover fabrics from other industry actors to help avoid driving demand for new ones.

We prioritize manufacturing in Finland at our studio. For accessories that require expertise, we collaborate with trusted partners in Italy. We price our products to reflect only the cost of our hard work and do not take into account the possibility of unsold stock. That is why we have the freedom of using only high quality materials and do not need to compromise on it.

Pre-order Policy

In our creative process, we draw inspiration from real life and not from images on the internet. We observe the world around us and search for forms, colors, and textures that inspire us. We believe that by staying true to our own vision, we can create designs that are unique and meaningful.

Our goal is not to make mainstream products, but to be a trend source for our clients. We want to offer you something special and distinctive, something that reflects your personality and values.

Our mission is to be a pioneer in slow fashion, that is why we are committed to continuous improvement, your suggestions and ideas are welcomed with open arms.

Our happiness is reflected in the happiness of our clients. If you are happy we are happy.

Thank you for supporting us !



NB Studio